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Winder Internal Medicine & Geriatrics Center
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Geriatric Medicine
Geriatrics focuses on health care of the elderly. It aims to promote health and to prevent and treat diseases and disabilities in older adults. Geriatrics was separated from internal medicine as a distinct entity in the same way that neonatology is separated from pediatrics. There is no set age at which patients may be under the care of a geriatrician. Rather, this is determined by a profile of the typical problems that geriatrics focuses on.
Geriatrics differs from adult medicine in many respects. The body of an elderly person is substantially different physiologically from that of an adult. Geriatrics focuses on the decline of the various organ systems in the body which varies according to various reserves in the organs, as smokers, for example, consume their respiratory system reserve early and rapidly.
Medical Services
At Internal Medicine & Geriatrics Center of Winder Georgia, we are committed to excellence when taking care of your needs. We are conveniently located in downtown Winder Georgia. Click here to get directions.

Internal medicine
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Obesity
  • Acute Infections
  • Womens Health


  • Annual & general screening - Age Appropriate
  • We adhere to Medical society guidelines
  • Up-to-date Medical Procedures
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments
  • Preserve and restore the elderly independence
  • Evaluate cognative performance
  • Develop complete care plan.


Internal Medicine & Geriatric Preventive Diagnostic Care
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30 Satellite Drive Suite 100 Winder, GA 30680 770-586-0310 - Fax: 770-586-0312